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The #libAgar IRC channel and Discord server

Join us on Discord at:, or on the IRC channel #libagar at

Both the IRC channel on Libera.Chat and the Agar Discord are linked by bot.

Commercial Support

You do not need to purchase a license in order to use Agar in commercial applications and we do not ask for any compensation, but if you find Agar useful, we hope that you will consider our technical support service:

Get personalized support from the lead developer of Agar over e-mail or chat. All benefits of the previous tiers.
Your bug reports and feature requests are assigned the highest priority. All benefits of the previous tiers.
Contact the maintainer

The current Agar maintainer is Julien Nadeau Carriere:

The agar-announce@ mailing list

Release announcements for new Agar versions. Low-volume. Read-only.

The agar@ mailing list

General discussion of Agar development and issues related to any of the libraries included in the Agar distribution. Plaintext posts only.

The agar-announce-fr@ mailing list

The French version of agar-announce. Read-only.

The agar-commits@ mailing list

Automated notifications of changes made to the Agar source code repository (the Subversion repository is accessible here). ElectronTubeStore