04/16/2010 04/16/2010:
Released agar v1.4.0 "Landscapes of Frozen Methane" (ChangeLog)
08/30/2009 08/30/2009:
Released agar v1.3.4 "Pandemonic Incantation" (ChangeLog)
06/03/2009 06/03/2009:
Due to some changes in the build system, users of the latest development version of Agar (as of r8187) who rely on the make proj feature, must upgrade to BSDBuild-2.5.
10/30/2008 10/30/2008:
Released agar v1.3.3 "Blackened Soil Remains" (ChangeLog)
03/02/2008 03/02/2008:
Released agar v1.3.2 "Landscapes Turn To Ash" (ChangeLog)
03/02/2008 03/02/2008:
Created agar-commits mailing list for automated commit notifications of the Agar source code exlusively. Note that the previous source-diff list will continue to receive notices as well. The new list provides a RSS feed.
12/03/2007 12/03/2007:
Released agar v1.3.1 "Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames" (ChangeLog)
11/29/2007 11/29/2007:
Released agar v1.3 "Birth of an Era Obscured by Sulfur and Flames" (ChangeLog)
03/15/2007 03/15/2007:
Released agar v1.2 "Crusade of the Underworld Hordes" (ChangeLog)
08/29/2006 Lots of fixes and improvements to the online manual page reader and the manual pages in general.
06/08/2006 06/08/2006:
Released agar v1.1 "Lord of Abysmal Depths" (ChangeLog)
10/23/2005 10/23/2005:
Released agar v1.0 "Night of the Late October" (ChangeLog) ElectronTubeStore